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On the evening of the fall of the Berlin Wall, a young woman plunges headfirst into a parallel dimension to find her co-worker missing under mysterious circumstances. As checkpoints in East Berlin continue to be overrun by mobs of people, Nora escapes this world, into unknown time layers and an unknown destiny. STORY: Berlin, November 9, 1989. The streets are full of people. Thousands of cars cross Germany's inner border after four decades of division. The wall is open and the government still does not know what is happening. At the same time, a man disappears from a research facility near East Berlin. It's his colleague Walter, his message came too late. He drives back to the office where state security is already destroying evidence from the investigative project. Walter's search takes him to the center of the facility, to the heart of the universe, where time stands still. When does the curtain open? In the end, its horrible things and the question of responsibility that plunge you deeper into a strange and at the same time familiar world. FEATURES: - A deep story: Experience a classic first-person shooter with close to 4 hours of gameplay - Retro shooter: No rear view, no bells and whistles, just a satisfying shooter - Closed atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a lovingly designed world full of mystery and surrealism as David Lynch - Mortal Peril:

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