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IntelliJ IDEA – the Leading Java and Kotlin IDE

The IDE that makes development a more productive and enjoyable experience

IntelliJ IDEA provides a set of inspections that are built-in static code analysis tools. They help you find potential bugs, locate dead code, detect performance issues, and improve the overall code structure.

Inspections not only tell you where a problem is but also provide quick fixes that help you deal with it right away. Click the red bulb next to the highlighted code, or press Alt+Enter to choose a fix:

Code generation
IntelliJ IDEA provides multiple ways to generate common code constructs and recurring elements, which helps you increase productivity by delegating routine tasks to the IDE. This includes generating code from predefined or custom code templates, generating wrappers, getters and setters, automatic pairing of characters, and more. Press Alt+Insert to open a popup with the available constructs you can generate from your caret position. See Generate code for more detail.

Integration with developer tools
Apart from providing smart navigation and coding assistance, IntelliJ IDEA integrates the essential developer tools and lets you debug, analyze, and version the code base of your applications from within the IDE.

IntelliJ IDEA provides a built-in JVM debugger. It lets you get and analyze runtime information, which is useful for diagnosing issues and getting a deeper understanding of how a program operates. It enables you to:

Suspend the program execution to examine its behavior using breakpoints. Multiple types of breakpoints, together with conditions and filters, allow you to specify the exact moment when an application needs to be paused.

Play with the program state by modifying variable values, evaluate expressions, and so on.

Examine variable values, call stacks, thread states, and so on.

Control the step-by-step execution of the program.

See Tutorial: Debug your first Java application to learn the basics of debugging and play with the debugger features in the IDE.

For CPU and allocation profiling, IntelliJ IDEA provides integration with the following profilers:

Java Flight Recorder – a standard profiling tool shipped as part of the JDK.

Async Profiler – a very accurate profiler that can also collect native call and memory allocation data.

By default, IntelliJ IDEA runs both profilers in parallel to provide most accurate results. While it is possible to use the supported profilers separately, the combined configuration that you get out of the box is a better choice for most scenarios. This approach leverages the advantages of both profilers and abstracts you from any setup whatsoever unless you have very specific requirements.

IntelliJ IDEA includes a built-in terminal for working with a command-line shell from inside the IDE. For example, if you're used to executing Git commands from the command line, you can run them from the Terminal instead of invoking these actions from the menu.

The Terminal runs with your default system shell, but it also supports a number of other shells, such as cmd.exe, bash, sh, and so on.

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