The Midnight Sanctuary Nintendo Switch [Digital Code]

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“Um, so. Are you… maybe one of the Dead, too?”

A curious, haunting tale.

Is it salvation which the Saint who descended into this isolated village
brings… or is it the end of things?

An occult horror visual novel wrought by mystical visuals & talented
voice artists.

“What ending do those eyes desire, little watcher?”

— Mysterious Graphics —

Gorgeous graphics like cut-paper art that blur the line between realism
and surrealism.

Experience a trip into a mysterious world that’s not quite two or three

— Fully Acted, Fully Animated —

Animated by the two-person team at CAVYHOUSE and voiced by a team of
professional Japanese actors, Midnight Sanctuary comes to life in ways
you’ll never expect.

* Voice audio is in Japanese.

— Mysterious Doings —

Hamomoru Tachibana has been invited to catalogue the traditions of
Daiusu Village, long isolated from the rest of Japan. But once she
arrives, a being the villagers identify as the Saints also appears. What
could it mean?…

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