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Can be activated

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Embark on a puzzle solving adventure in which you and a partner must prove you can communicate and work together to escape the haunted Castle Rock.

It all begins with an emergency flare lighting up the sky and a distress call waking you from uneasy dreams. Your fellow Antarctic explorers are in trouble, and the two of you left at base camp must work together to launch a rescue mission. If only you knew what you were getting into…

From the research base camp you’ll need to figure out a way to get to the source of the distress flare. Once you’re through the frozen Antarctic wastes, you’ll find yourselves separated inside a medieval castle, facing puzzles, secrets, and dangers! You and your partner start out with nothing but your wits and a walkie-talkie each. Observation, smart communication and teamwork will be the only way to escape from the sinister Castle Rock.


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