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"This is officially issued EDU license key, but can be used in commercial purposes both in home and office. The license holder may seek for official technical support without any extra cost directly from the official website of autodesk.

Download all of the links and then run .exe file to proceed with the installation and then activate the product using the serial number for the product.
The the .exe files should be in the same folder, otherwise installation will be corrupted.        

Here are some of the new features in Revit 2024:

  • Toposolids: This is a new type of family that can be used to model topography. Toposolids are solid geometries that can be created from CAD imports, CSV point files, and other sources. They can be used to create realistic models of landscapes, cut and fill operations, and other site conditions.
  • Rebar Shape Details: This new feature allows you to create detailed views of rebar in schedules and views. The rebar shapes are shown in their actual 3D form, making it easier to understand the reinforcement details.
  • Dark Theme: This new theme makes the Revit user interface darker, which can be easier on the eyes for some users. The dark theme can be applied to the ribbon, panels, and canvas.
  • My Insights in Revit Home: This new feature provides a personalized dashboard of information about your projects. The dashboard includes information about project health, tasks, and notifications.
  • Twinmotion Auto-Sync: This new feature allows you to automatically synchronize your Revit models with Twinmotion, a real-time visualization software. This makes it easy to create high-quality renderings and animations of your projects.

These are just a few of the new features in Revit 2024. For a complete list, please refer to the Autodesk website.

Here are some other notable features in Revit 2024:

  • Improvements to structural loads: Structural engineers can now apply hosted loads to specific areas of panels and members, making it easier to model complex load conditions.
  • Enhancements to electrical load analysis: Electrical engineers can now use Revit to create more accurate electrical load calculations.
  • Energy analytical modeling enhancements: Revit now supports the creation of energy analytical models by elements in a 3D view. This makes it possible to create more accurate energy simulations.
  • Ductwork stiffening enhancements: Ductwork engineers can now use Revit to model more complex ductwork stiffening configurations.
  • Layout upgrades for views, sheets, and schedules: The layout of views, sheets, and schedules has been improved in Revit 2024. This makes it easier to create and manage these documents.

Overall, Revit 2024 is a significant release that includes a number of new features and enhancements. These features are designed to help users improve the quality and efficiency of their design workflows.

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