Terms and Conditions

Below are our 

Terms and Conditions.
This always applies when you use or make an order through our site and
provide important information for you as a buyer.
Therefore, read the terms carefully.
We also suggest that you save or print these terms so
that you can review them again at a later time.

Applicability and implementation

All offers, agreements and deliveries made by VBRAE apply to these
terms and conditions, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
The agreement is made when you accept it, that is, when you click the
“Add to cart” button. From this moment on, you are required to complete your
payment and we are obliged to deliver.

We will confirm the agreement by email. You are responsible for
giving you the correct e-mail address, as you will receive your order by
e-mail. We can not send your order to any other e-mail other than the one you
stated with the order.

If you create an account with us you will recieve the digital code to your dashboard
and to your email.

Your order has been sent to your email after completing the transaction.
Delivery is Instant, which means the key will be sent right after your payment
is complete.

If the order is incorrect or does not work, please contact us as soon as possible.
This can happen in different ways. We will reply as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours.
This also applies to other criteria. (Proofs may be asked for if invalid key)

Digital Codes

Our digital codes are 100% genuine.
Digital codes are “INSTANT DELIVERY”

You will recieve the digital code right after payment is approved.


You can choose to pay through different payment methods.
Delivery of the order may be delayed due to the choice of a
particular payment method.

Right of withdrawal and right of return

According to Distribution and Home Sales Act, 14 days of withdrawal is
not applied when the customer buys digital content that otherwise
provides a physical medium. By accepting the terms and conditions,
the customer agrees that the right of withdrawal does not apply to
digital content delivered in a manner other than on a physical medium.

This means that we do not accept Returns/Refunds on our digital products!

However, if any problems with codes just contact us and we proceed with either a refund or a new code.

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