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Denoise projects 2 Pro is a professional image denoising software that removes all types of image noise, including luminance noise, color noise, banding, color fringing, hot pixels, salt & pepper, and gaps. It can denoise images with ISO levels up to 4,000,000, and it is especially useful for astrophotography.

Features of Denoise projects 2 Pro:

  • Removes all types of image noise: Luminance noise, color noise, banding, color fringing, hot pixels, salt & pepper, and gaps.
  • For professional astrophotography: Can denoise images with ISO levels up to 4,000,000.
  • Calculates the optimal denoising process: Automatically analyzes the image and selects the best denoising parameters for the job.
  • Plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop & Lightroom: Can be used directly within Photoshop and Lightroom, without having to switch to a separate application.
  • Up to 40?ster image denoising: Smart Noise Prediction technology speeds up denoising by up to 40%.
  • New "Night Shot" and "Astro" preset categories: 19 new presets specifically designed for night photography and astrophotography.
  • New "Selective Drawing" module: Intelligently applies various post-processing effects to specific areas of the image.
  • Natural Grain Engine: Preserves the natural grain of the image while removing noise.
  • RAW image support: Can denoise RAW images from all major camera manufacturers.
  • Batch processing: Can denoise multiple images at once.

Additional features:

  • Kratzer- und Sensorfehlerkorrektur: Corrects scratches and sensor dust.
  • Erzeugen von Belichtungsreihen aus einem entrauschten Bild: Creates exposure bracketing from a denoised image.
  • Noise-Stacking-Modul für Lightframes, Darkframes und Flatframes: Stacks lightframes, darkframes, and flatframes for astrophotography.
  • 69 Post-Processing-Filter: Includes a wide range of post-processing filters, such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, and color correction.
  • Schriftgröße für Menüs und Überschriften einstellbar: Adjustable font size for menus and headings.
  • Betriebssysteme Windows und Mac: Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Denoise projects 2 Pro is a powerful and versatile image denoising software that is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. It offers a wide range of features and capabilities, and it is easy to use.

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