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The Job Simulator PS5 version features the following:

  • 4K visuals at 90fps
  • Enhanced haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the PS VR2 Sense controllers
  • Roomscale VR play (requires a 2m x 2m play area)
  • New Trophies
  • Updated visuals and environments

The game also includes four different jobs to experience:

  • Auto Mechanic: Fix cars, change tires, and wash windshields.
  • Gourmet Chef: Cook food, bake cakes, and make pizzas.
  • Store Clerk: Stock shelves, ring up customers, and bag groceries.
  • Office Worker: Answer phones, type emails, and file paperwork.

In addition to the four jobs, there are also a variety of mini-games to play, such as Jenga, Operation, and Whack-a-Mole.

Job Simulator PS5 is a fun and immersive VR experience that lets you explore different jobs in a humorous and lighthearted way. It is a great game for anyone who is interested in learning more about different occupations or who wants to have some fun in VR.

Here are some of the specific features that have been enhanced for the PS5 version:

  • The visuals have been upgraded to 4K resolution at 90fps, which provides a smoother and more immersive experience.
  • The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the PS VR2 Sense controllers have been enhanced to provide a more realistic sense of touch.
  • The roomscale VR play has been improved to allow for a larger play area.
  • The Trophies have been updated with new challenges.
  • The visuals and environments have been updated to take advantage of the PS5's hardware.

Overall, the Job Simulator PS5 version is a significant improvement over the PS4 version. It offers better visuals, haptic feedback, and Trophies, as well as improved roomscale VR play. If you enjoyed the PS4 version, then you will definitely want to check out the PS5 version.

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