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Starfield: Premium Edition is a special bundle that includes the base game, the first story expansion, exclusive cosmetic items, and early access to the game. Here are the key features of the Premium Edition:

5 Days Early Access: Jump into the vast expanse of space five days before the general public. Explore the galaxy, build your own starship, and encounter new alien civilizations all before anyone else.

Shattered Space Story Expansion: Unlock the secrets of the cosmic anomaly known as the Shroud when the Shattered Space Story Expansion becomes available. Delve into a thrilling narrative filled with mystery and danger, encountering new threats and uncovering the origins of the Shroud.

Constellation Skin Pack: Personalize your spacefaring journey with the exclusive Constellation Skin Pack. Equip your character with the Equinox Laser Rifle, don the sleek Constellation Spacesuit, and protect yourself with the stylish Constellation Helmet and Boost Pack.

Digital Artbook and Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of Starfield with the digital artbook and original soundtrack. Explore concept art, character designs, and more, while also listening to the enchanting music that will accompany your adventures across the galaxy.

These additional content and early access privileges make the Starfield: Premium Edition an enticing choice for those who seek the ultimate Starfield experience.

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