Refund Policy

Here at Vbrae Games we whant it simple for buyers and sellers!

Everyone should feel safe to shop and sell here.

All sales are final on VBRAE and there are no refunds unless the item is recieved is either not working or it is different from described in description.

All sales comes with a resolution centre that helps people resolve their disputes or concerns.

This can help businesses,individuals resolve a wide range of disputes or issues with there orders directy with the seller you purchased from.

Lets say you have an issue with your key it has either been redeemed or anything else.

In resolution centre you will have 3 options that notify the seller about the situation.

  • Code/key Issues
  • Refund
  • Replace Key
  • Other (Could be exchange link or something else )

However, you will select prefered solution but if seller cant agree with you or dont have any more in stock

they can refund your order instead.

Resolution centres helps a variety of dispute resolution services, including:

  • Mediation: A process where a neutral third party helps the parties reach a agreeable solution.
  • Arbitration: A process where the parties agree to have their dispute decided by a neutral third party.
  • Negotiation: A process where the parties try to reach a mutually agreeable solution on their own.
  • Conciliation: A process where a neutral third party helps the parties communicate and understand each other's positions.

Dont worry, Customer support always gets notified about the situation and how its handled.

Customer support are always ready to handle the case if there is any miss communication or dont feel satisfied with the decision in your case!

Everyone should get what they purchase or there moneyback!

If there are any questions your more then welcome to open ticket to get your questions answerd.

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