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Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an open-world dark fantasy game in the genre of Action role-playing. The project was made in the entourage of the Middle Ages, telling about the consequences of the split of a certain magic ring, which led the world into chaos and decline. Players will take on the role of a warrior and fight monsters and other characters.

Game development

The game is being developed by the team at From Software. The project is led by game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki, best known for the Dark Souls series. Also involved in the creation of the game is writer George R. R. Martin, who is responsible for the history, concept, and plot content of the world. The gameplay is inspired by the Dark Souls series. Players will have the opportunity to influence the world with their actions.

The first information about the new game appeared on June 8, 2019, on the Twitter account of analyst Daniel Ahmad. The man published the logo and its name, indicating that the game is being developed by From Software studio, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and writer George Martin. The trailer of the game and the first details appeared during the E3 conference on June 9, 2019.

Elden Ring was released on Windows, PlayStation 5, and Xbox series on February 25, 2022.


The game has a dark fantasy setting and medieval elements. The world of Elden Ring is full of gloomy locations, mystical creatures, and demonic entities.


The third-person game will have role-playing elements and missions in the open world. Players will be able to upgrade their character, complete story quests, and explore the world. The gameplay is focused on the combat component, with the use of melee weapons and magic spells.

The very foundation remains the same. It's still the same Dark Souls, but with appropriate modifications.

  • Sharpening has become easier and done sitting by the fire. A couple of clicks, and your sword deals additional fire damage.
  • Fast travel to any "bonfire" from anywhere in the world. The main thing is not to be in combat at this moment.
  • Primitive stealth added.
  • Now you can jump! I would never have thought that such a simple mechanic would diversify the soul gameplay, which I have already become accustomed to. Especially helpful is the double jump of your mount, which is available from the beginning and helps climb into hard-to-reach places.
  • A new mechanic has appeared - the call of helper spirits, which, when upgraded, are capable of soloing some bosses or distracting the attention of stronger ones. Too casual, but I'm not going to accuse someone of using them. I use it myself for quick cleaning of the same type of caves.



Repeatability is generally one of the main complaints about the game. And the most annoying thing is that this also applies to bosses. I love their design in the trilogy of souls; I always want more. And Elden Ring satisfies my desire, but valuable of what?

There are many “repetitions,” and most of them are optional. But this game wants to be explored, and this is doubly insulting. I'm ready to forgive the same dungeons, but fighting in the open world several times with the same boss or the same type of dragons is overkill. 

There are a lot of bosses and those of them that are not repeated cause delight. Godrick the Hundred Hands alone is worth something.

It is a pity that the developers had to make such sacrifices, but the world is wide; you need to fill it somehow, and, apparently, there was not much time.


Castles, bosses, open areas - everything looks great in terms of art design if you like this style in general. I missed the dark fantasy aesthetic and finally got it.


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    My kids want this game so bad. How does it compare to other RPGs?

    1 day ago

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    Mubin HIlmy

    Awesome game, great atmosphere love it

    1 day ago

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    I like this game.

    2 days ago

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    Great game, I have to agree repetitiveness does exist but overall it's pretty wide open!

    3 days ago

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    Mubin HIlmy

    Yo this game is awesome

    6 days ago

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    full on sheesh great game love it hope u make more

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