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After Us, released in 2023, is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure game for PC playable on Steam. It tackles themes of environmentalism and extinction through a unique story and gameplay. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:


  • Humanity has vanished, and the last animals have perished. You play as Gaia, the embodiment of Earth and the protector of the planet's life force.
  • Gaia's mission is to collect the souls of extinct animals scattered across the ruined world and return them to "Mother's Ark," a sanctuary for their essence.


  • After Us is a platformer with a focus on exploration and environmental traversal. Gaia can glide, jump, and dash through the overgrown landscapes, avoiding deadly hazards and remnants of human civilization.
  • You'll encounter "Devourers," monstrous creatures born from the polluted environment, which you'll need to evade or overcome using Gaia's special abilities.
  • A core aspect is collecting the souls of extinct animals. These souls appear as wisps of light, and by interacting with them, you'll learn about the final moments of these creatures, adding a narrative layer to the exploration.

Environmental Themes:

  • The game's world is a stark portrayal of the consequences of environmental neglect. Ruined cities and polluted landscapes serve as a constant reminder of humanity's impact.
  • Collecting animal souls and witnessing their final moments is a poignant way to explore themes of extinction and loss.

Overall, After Us offers a unique blend of platforming, exploration, and environmental storytelling. It's a visually stunning game that encourages reflection on the importance of protecting our planet.

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