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After Us is an action-adventure game available for Xbox Series X and S that takes you on a beautiful yet melancholic journey through a post-human Earth. Here's a closer look:

Story and Setting:

  • Humanity is gone, and you play as Gaia, the last vestige of life on Earth.
  • Explore a surreal and symbolic world ravaged by human impact, where remnants of humanity's creations lie scattered amongst desolate landscapes.
  • Your objective is to revive the souls of extinct animals, each representing a loss and a reminder of Earth's past.


  • After Us is a platformer with a focus on exploration and environmental puzzles. You'll use Gaia's unique abilities to navigate treacherous landscapes, avoid hazards like oil spills, and traverse crumbling cityscapes.
  • The game offers a choice between performance mode (1080p 60fps) and quality mode (4K 30fps) to optimize your visual experience.
  • As you collect animal souls, you'll uncover the stories behind their extinction, offering a deeper look at the causes of environmental destruction.


  • After Us is a poignant story about sacrifice, hope, and the consequences of human actions on the environment.
  • The game explores themes of extinction, rebirth, and the delicate balance of nature.

Overall, After Us on Xbox Series X|S offers a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience. The combination of platforming challenges, environmental puzzles, and a melancholic story makes it a unique title for players who enjoy exploration and games with deeper meaning.

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