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Alekhine's Gun for PC is a third-person stealth action game set during the Cold War and World War II. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Story and Setting:

  • You play as Agent Alekhine, a former KGB colonel who has defected to the CIA.
  • The game takes place at the height of the Cold War, a tense period marked by global uncertainty and potential nuclear threats.
  • Alekhine finds himself caught in a conspiracy that could have devastating consequences, and your mission is to unravel the truth and prevent disaster.


  • Alekhine's Gun draws inspiration from games like Hitman. There's an emphasis on player choice and creative problem-solving as you navigate missions.
  • You can complete objectives in a variety of ways, using stealth, disguises, or brute force.
  • The game offers open environments with non-linear missions. Explore different routes, uncover hidden areas, and choose how to tackle your assignments.
  • You can use different tactics to eliminate enemies, such as using poisons, causing accidents, or taking them down silently.
  • The game rewards strategic thinking and encourages you to adapt your approach based on the situation.


  • Alekhine's Gun received mixed reviews upon release. Some praised the open-ended level design and the variety of approaches players could take. Others found the story to be derivative and the controls to be clunky.

Overall, Alekhine's Gun for PC is a stealth action game that offers a unique perspective on the Cold War. If you're looking for a challenging game with a focus on player choice and creative problem-solving, it might be worth checking out. However, if you're looking for a polished story or the latest graphics, you might want to consider other options.

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