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BioShock: The Collection is a compilation of all three BioShock games, offering a remastered journey through the underwater city of Rapture and the floating metropolis of Columbia. Here's a breakdown of what's included:

Games Included:

  • BioShock Remastered: The original BioShock, taking you to the dystopian underwater city of Rapture where you encounter crazed Splicers wielding Plasmids (genetic modifications granting superpowers).
  • BioShock 2 Remastered: This time, you play as a Big Daddy, a heavily armored protector who can also wield Plasmids. You'll battle through Rapture, uncovering its dark secrets and making tough choices.
  • BioShock Infinite: The Complete Edition: Escape to Columbia, a floating city in the sky, and encounter a new cast of characters with unique abilities. This edition includes all single-player add-on content for Infinite.

Remastered Features:

  • The Collection features graphical upgrades for all three games, with improved textures and support for higher resolution displays and framerates.
  • This allows you to experience these immersive worlds in even greater detail.

Overall Experience:

BioShock: The Collection is a great way to experience (or revisit) the critically acclaimed BioShock series. You'll encounter unforgettable stories, atmospheric environments, and engaging gameplay that blends shooting with strategic use of Plasmids or unique character abilities.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The series is known for its deep lore and thought-provoking narratives that explore themes of morality, power, and societal collapse.
  • The gameplay offers a mix of action, exploration, and puzzle-solving, keeping you engaged throughout each adventure.
  • If you're a fan of first-person shooters with strong narratives, BioShock: The Collection is definitely worth checking out.
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