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Control: Ultimate Edition is a comprehensive package of the 2019 action-adventure game Control, developed by Remedy Entertainment. It includes the following:

Base Game:

  • Genre: Third-person action-adventure with a focus on telekinesis and gunplay.
  • Story: You take on the role of Jesse Faden, who enters a mysterious government building called the Oldest House. The building has been overtaken by a strange force, and Jesse discovers she has supernatural abilities that can help her contain it.
  • Gameplay: Control features a unique blend of close-quarters combat with modifiable firearms and powerful telekinetic abilities. You can hurl objects at enemies, launch yourself through the air, and manipulate your environment to gain an advantage.
  • World Design: The Oldest House is a labyrinthine structure that constantly shifts and changes. The environment itself becomes a weapon as you can use its transformable features to your advantage.


  • The Foundation: This expansion takes you to a new area of the Oldest House known as the Foundation. Here, you'll uncover more about the history of the Bureau and its connection to Jesse's abilities.
  • AWE: This expansion centers around the disappearance of a fictional agency called the AWE. You'll be tasked with investigating a series of interconnected events to uncover the truth.

Additional Content:

  • The Ultimate Edition also includes all previously released free updates for the base game, which may include additional story content, gameplay modes, or bug fixes.

Overall, Control: Ultimate Edition is a great way to experience the entire Control story and world in one definitive package. The combination of thrilling action, a captivating story, and a mind-bending world makes it a standout title in the action-adventure genre.

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