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Control: Ultimate Edition is a comprehensive package of the award-winning action-adventure game Control, released in 2020. Here's a breakdown of what it offers:

Core Game (Control):

  • Genre: Third-person action-adventure with supernatural elements
  • Story: You take on the role of Jesse Faden, who enters a mysterious government building called the Oldest House after a paranormal event. Jesse possesses supernatural abilities and must battle a corrupting force threatening to consume the building and potentially the world.
  • Gameplay: Control offers a unique blend of action shooting and environmental manipulation using telekinetic abilities. You can fling objects at enemies, launch yourself through the air, and take control of points in the environment. As you progress, you'll unlock and upgrade new skills, allowing for more creative combat approaches.
  • Environments: The Oldest House is a labyrinthine structure that constantly shifts and changes. The building itself becomes a character, with its brutalist architecture and ever-evolving hallways adding to the unsettling atmosphere.


  • The Ultimate Edition includes both released expansions for Control:
    • "The Foundation" - This expansion takes you to a new area within the Oldest House, revealing more about its history and purpose. You'll encounter new enemies and challenges as you delve deeper into the mystery.
    • "AWE" - This expansion focuses on a specific phenomenon within the Oldest House known as an AWE (Altered World Event). You'll team up with a familiar character to investigate a new area and uncover its secrets.

Additional Content:

  • The Ultimate Edition also includes all previously released free updates for the base game, potentially adding new gameplay modes, story elements, or bug fixes.

Overall, Control: Ultimate Edition is the definitive way to experience Control. It provides the complete story with all its expansions, offering a thrilling and visually stunning action-adventure with a unique blend of combat and environmental manipulation.

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