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Crown Wars: The Black Prince is a turn-based tactics and strategy game set during the Hundred Years' War, released in May 2024. You take on the role of a noble lord seeking glory and defending the kingdom. Here's a breakdown of the gameplay:

Campaign and Setting:

  • You lead your forces through a narrative campaign set in the Hundred Years' War, a conflict between England and France.
  • Your goal is to win battles, secure resources, and ultimately protect the kingdom from your enemies.

Strategy and Tactics:

  • The game emphasizes tactical combat on grid-based battlefields.
  • You'll recruit, equip, and train soldiers, forming well-balanced armies with unique strengths and weaknesses.
  • Consider factors like unit types (crusaders, duelists, beast masters, etc.), positioning, flanking maneuvers, and environmental advantages to outsmart your opponents.
  • Each unit can perform two actions per turn, requiring strategic planning for movement and attacks.

Resource Management and Base Development:

  • Your castle serves as your base of operations.
  • You'll manage resources like gold to recruit and upgrade your troops.
  • Completing missions and winning battles provides resources to strengthen your forces and expand your domain.

Unique Features:

  • The game features a "War of the Orders" mechanic, where you can choose to side with different factions vying for influence. These choices can impact the story and gameplay.
  • The "Nemesis System" (inspired by Middle-earth: Shadow of War) creates memorable rivalries with enemy commanders who grow stronger over time, adding a personal touch to the battles.

Overall, Crown Wars: The Black Prince offers a challenging and rewarding experience for strategy enthusiasts. It combines tactical turn-based combat with strategic base management and a historically inspired setting.

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