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Crusader Kings III - Tours & Tournaments is a major expansion for the strategy game Crusader Kings III. It focuses on adding more activities and depth to the game during peacetime. Here are some of the key features:

  • Tournaments: You can participate in or host tournaments, which are essentially mock combat events where knights can test their skills and gain prestige.

  • Grand Tours: You can travel around the map with your entourage, visiting different courts and participating in various events. This can be a way to explore the world, improve your relationships with other rulers, or even find adventure.

  • Grand Weddings: You can now throw elaborate weddings that can be used to strengthen alliances or gain favors from other characters.

  • Entourage System: You can assemble a group of followers to accompany you on your travels. This entourage can provide you with various benefits, such as increased security or better diplomacy.

Overall, Crusader Kings III - Tours & Tournaments aims to make the game more dynamic and engaging during peacetime by providing players with new things to do and ways to interact with the world.

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