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Cultist Simulator: Anthology Edition is a collection of content for the indie game Cultist Simulator. The core game is a narrative-driven card game experience inspired by Lovecraftian horror.

Here's a breakdown of what the Anthology Edition includes:

  • Cultist Simulator: The base game with over 110,000 words of story content. You play as a person who becomes involved in the occult and strives to commune with eldritch beings. The gameplay revolves around managing a deck of cards representing your character's knowledge, possessions, and mental state.

  • The Dancer DLC: This downloadable content adds a new storyline focused on a character named The Dancer. It introduces a new location, the House of Ecstasy, and mechanics related to dance and hedonism.

  • The Priest DLC: Another DLC campaign centered around The Priest. You explore themes of martyrdom and devotion in a new storyline with its own challenges.

Overall, the Anthology Edition offers a comprehensive Cultist Simulator experience, including the base game and two expansions that add new stories, mechanics, and replayability.

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