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Diablo II: Resurrected is a remaster of the classic action RPG, Diablo II, and its expansion, Lord of Destruction. It brings the dark and gritty world of Sanctuary back to life with stunning new 3D graphics, while staying true to the core gameplay that made the original Diablo II a legend.

Here's a breakdown of what Diablo II: Resurrected offers:

Remastered Experience:

  • Visual Upgrade: The biggest change is the visual overhaul. Ditching the 2D sprites, the game features stunning 3D models for characters, environments, and monsters. However, you can switch back to the classic visuals with the press of a button for a hit of nostalgia.
  • Improved Performance: The game runs at a smooth 60 FPS for a more responsive gameplay experience.
  • Higher Resolutions: Supports resolutions up to 4K for sharper visuals.
  • Quality of Life Improvements: Small tweaks include an auto-gold pickup feature and the ability to compare item stats for easier decision-making.

Classic Gameplay:

  • Seven Character Classes: Choose from seven iconic character classes like the Barbarian, Sorceress, Paladin, and more, each with unique skills and playstyles.
  • Item Hunt: Diablo II is known for its deep loot system. Slay demons and explore dungeons to find a vast array of weapons, armor, and other items with random properties, making the hunt for that perfect gear set endlessly engaging.
  • Customization: Develop your character through skill trees and powerful equipment, creating a personalized build to tackle the challenges of Sanctuary.
  • Solo or Co-op: Play through the entire campaign solo or team up with friends online to battle demons together.

Who is it for?

  • Diablo II Veterans: Relive the glory days of Diablo II with a visual refresh and some quality-of-life improvements while staying true to the original experience.
  • New Players: Experience the classic dungeon-crawling action RPG that defined a genre, now with a modern graphical touch.
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