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Diablo III: Eternal Collection is the definitive version of Diablo III, Blizzard's action role-playing game, offering the complete Diablo III experience. Here's a breakdown of what it includes:


  • Diablo III Base Game: The core game where you battle your way through the story campaign, slaying demons and collecting loot.
  • Reaper of Souls Expansion: This expansion adds a new act to the story, introduces a new playable class (Crusader), raises the level cap, and introduces new features like Adventure Mode.
  • Rise of the Necromancer Pack: This pack adds the Necromancer class back to the game, a popular character class from Diablo II, with its own unique skills and gameplay.


  • Fast-paced Action RPG: Diablo III is known for its addictive hack-and-slash gameplay, where you mow down hordes of enemies with powerful skills and spells.
  • Extensive Character Customization: Choose from seven character classes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. You can customize your character's appearance and gear to min-max your stats and create powerful builds.
  • Loot System: Diablo III features a vast amount of loot to discover, including weapons, armor, jewelry, and legendary items with unique powers.
  • Solo or Co-operative Play: You can play through the game solo or team up with friends to tackle challenging enemies and greater rifts (end-game dungeons).
  • Seasons: Diablo III offers Seasons, a recurring feature that introduces new challenges, leaderboards, and exclusive rewards.

Benefits of Eternal Collection:

  • Complete Diablo III Experience: Owning the Eternal Collection grants you access to all the content released for Diablo III, offering the most comprehensive version of the game.
  • Value for Money: Compared to buying the base game and expansions separately, the Eternal Collection is a more cost-effective option.

Who is it for?

  • Fans of action RPGs and the Diablo franchise.
  • Players looking for a deep and challenging game with tons of loot and customization.
  • Those who want to experience the entirety of Diablo III's content.

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