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DOOM - Includes All DLC refers to a version of the 2016 DOOM reboot that bundles the base game with all three released DLC packs:

  • Unto the Evil: This DLC adds a new three-map campaign that takes players to a lost Martian base corrupted by Hell. It also introduces new weapons, enemies, and a new playable mode called "Rip and Tear."
  • Hell Followed: This DLC adds another three-map campaign set in a demonic foundry. It includes new enemies, a new weapon, and a new playable mode called "Arcade Mode" where players can compete for high scores.
  • Bloodfall: This final DLC features a new three-map campaign set on a ravaged Earth. It offers new enemies, a new weapon, and a new playable mode called "Verdikt" which is a wave-based survival mode.

By getting the version that Includes All DLC, you'll have access to the complete DOOM experience, including the following:

  • Intense and Fast-Paced Action: DOOM is known for its frenetic and brutal combat, where you take down hordes of demons with a variety of powerful weapons like the shotgun, plasma rifle, and chainsaw.
  • Expanded Story Campaign: The DLC packs add a significant amount of new content to the story campaign, offering more hours of gameplay and exploration.
  • New Weapons and Enemies: Each DLC pack introduces unique weapons and enemies to the game, keeping the combat fresh and challenging.
  • Additional Game Modes: The DLC unlocks several new game modes, including Arcade Mode for high-score chasing, Verdikt for wave-based survival, and "Rip and Tear" for fast-paced action.

Overall, DOOM - Includes All DLC is the definitive way to experience the 2016 DOOM reboot. It offers a comprehensive package with a complete story, a variety of weapons and enemies, and multiple ways to play the game.

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