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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition is a massive package that bundles the award-winning open-world zombie survival game Dying Light, its substantial expansion Dying Light: The Following, and a collection of various downloadable content packs (DLC) into a single purchase. Here's a breakdown of what it offers:

Core Experience (Dying Light):

  • You play as Kyle Crane, an undercover agent dropped into a quarantine zone ravaged by a mutated virus that turns people into ferocious zombies.
  • The game excels in free-flowing parkour mechanics, allowing you to navigate the sprawling urban environment with agility.
  • Brutal first-person combat lets you utilize various weapons and environmental tools to fight the infected hordes.
  • Day and night cycles significantly alter gameplay; you're a nimble survivor during the day, but the night brings out terrifyingly aggressive Volatiles.

The Following Expansion:

  • This expansion introduces a vast countryside area with a more rural setting compared to the urban core of the base game.
  • You gain access to customizable buggies for high-speed exploration and combat encounters.
  • The story focuses on uncovering the mystery behind a mysterious cult operating within this new region.
  • New challenges and activities like chases, races, and side quests add variety to the gameplay.

Included DLCs (may vary depending on retailer):

  • The package typically includes several DLC packs offering additional content like:
    • New weapons and outfits for your character.
    • Story quests and challenges.
    • Be the Zombie mode: Allows you to control a powerful night hunter and prey on human players.
    • Difficulty tweaks and additional game modes.

Overall, Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition provides a comprehensive and content-rich experience for players seeking an open-world zombie survival adventure. The combination of the base game, the substantial expansion, and various DLC packs offers a deep dive into this thrilling and horrifying world.

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