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FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition is the premium version of the popular soccer simulation game by EA Sports. Here's what it offers compared to the standard edition:

Early Access: Dive into the game three days earlier than the standard edition release.

Bonus Content:

  • FUT Packs: You'll receive a number of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) packs, which contain virtual items like players, coaches, and consumables to build your dream squad in the FUT mode.
  • Ones to Watch Items: Get a head start in FUT with special Ones to Watch player items that dynamically upgrade throughout the season based on real-world performances.
  • Loan Player Items: For a limited time, you can borrow high-rated players to boost your FUT squad.

Dual Entitlement (for applicable platforms): If you purchase the Ultimate Edition for PlayStation or Xbox, you get access to both the current and next-generation versions of the game (e.g., PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S).

Consider these points before buying:

  • Focus on FUT: The extra content heavily leans towards the FIFA Ultimate Team mode, where you build a team using acquired players. If you primarily play other modes like Career Mode or Online Seasons, the standard edition might suffice.
  • Price: The Ultimate Edition is typically more expensive than the standard edition.
  • Limited-Time Benefits: Some bonuses like Ones to Watch items and loan players might become irrelevant later in the game's cycle.

Overall, FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition is ideal for players who:

  • Want early access to the game
  • Prioritize building a strong FUT team
  • Want to play on both current and next-generation consoles (applicable platforms only)

If these points don't resonate with you, the standard edition might be a more suitable choice.

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