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The "Can Touch This" DLC is an add-on for the PC game Gas Station Simulator, specifically designed to enhance the customization aspects. Here's a breakdown of what it brings to the game:

Focus on Customization:

  • Expanded Decoration Options: This DLC lets you take control of the aesthetics of your gas station like never before. You'll have a wider variety of decorative elements to personalize both the interior and exterior of your station.
  • Demolition Power: Get ready to wield a trusty hammer! The DLC introduces the ability to demolish walls and redesign the interior layout of your gas station, offering more flexibility in how you structure your business.
  • Revamped Exteriors: You'll gain the ability to customize the exterior of your gas station as well. This could include painting the facade, adding new signage, or installing decorative features.

Overall Impact:

  • Greater Creative Control: With the new demolition and decoration options, the "Can Touch This" DLC empowers you to create a truly unique gas station that reflects your own style and vision.
  • Enhanced Gameplay Experience: The ability to personalize your station can add a new layer of enjoyment to the game, allowing you to express yourself creatively and build the gas station of your dreams.

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