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GreedFall is an action RPG (role-playing game) set in a fantasy world with a strong early 18th century aesthetic. Here's a rundown of what makes GreedFall unique:

Setting and Story:

  • You travel to a remote island called Teer Fradee, colonized by humans seeking a cure for a mysterious plague called the Malichor.
  • You play as a member of a newly arrived expedition, tasked with finding a cure while also navigating the political tensions between the native factions and the colonizing force.


  • GreedFall offers character customization, allowing you to choose your origin, skills, and talents at the beginning.
  • You can approach combat strategically in real-time, using a combination of melee weapons, ranged attacks, magic abilities, and traps. There's also a tactical pause option for planning your moves.
  • Your companions play a significant role. You can build relationships with them, and their loyalty can be swayed by your actions and decisions.
  • Choices you make throughout the game will impact the story and the fate of the island. You can influence factions through diplomacy or brute force.

Key Features:

  • Rich world-building with a unique blend of fantasy and colonial influences.
  • Focus on player choice and consequence, with branching storylines and multiple solutions to problems.
  • Companion system where your relationships with party members matter.
  • Open world exploration with diverse environments and hidden secrets to uncover.
  • Crafting system for customizing weapons, armor, and potions.

Overall, GreedFall is a compelling RPG that offers a fresh take on the fantasy genre. If you enjoy character customization, impactful decisions, and a world brimming with secrets, GreedFall is worth checking out.

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