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Hitman 2: Gold Edition is an enhanced version of the 2018 stealth video game Hitman 2, offering the complete story experience with additional content. Here's a breakdown of what it includes:

Base Game (Hitman 2):

  • Play as Agent 47, the world's deadliest assassin, and travel across exotic locations like Miami, Mumbai, and Colombia.
  • Each location functions as a sandbox environment with multiple assassination targets and creative ways to eliminate them.
  • The core gameplay revolves around stealth, using disguises, distractions, and environmental objects to take down your targets without raising suspicion.
  • You can replay missions with different approaches, unlocking new challenges and opportunities.

Gold Edition Bonuses:

  • Executive Pack: This bonus pack adds exclusive items to enhance Agent 47's arsenal, including:
    • The ICA Executive Suit: A unique suit that provides faster movement speed and increased melee damage.
    • The ICA Executive Briefcase: A briefcase that can be thrown to knock out enemies.
    • The ICA Executive Kevlar Vest: A bulletproof vest for added protection.
  • Expansion Pass 1 & 2: These expansions grant access to two additional story campaigns with new locations, missions, and targets. They include:
    • Expansion 1: Adds missions in New York and Siberia.
    • Expansion 2: Introduces locations in Hantu Port (Indonesia) and Whittleton (England).

Overall, Hitman 2: Gold Edition is a comprehensive package ideal for players who want to experience the full Hitman 2 story with bonus content and additional assassination opportunities.

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