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Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is the ultimate version of the 2017 DC Comics fighting game, Injustice 2. It includes the base game and all its downloadable content (DLC) rolled into one package, offering a comprehensive and content-rich experience for DC fans and fighting game enthusiasts.

Here's a breakdown of what Injustice 2: Legendary Edition brings to the table:

Story and Setting:

  • Picking up where the first Injustice game left off, Batman continues his struggle against Superman's authoritarian regime.
  • A new threat emerges – Brainiac, a powerful alien seeking to conquer Earth.
  • You'll fight alongside and against a vast roster of iconic DC characters, with each character having their own unique fighting style and special moves.

Core Gameplay:

  • Injustice 2 is a 2.5D fighting game where players choose characters from the DC Universe and engage in one-on-one battles.
  • Each character has a unique fighting style, special moves, and super moves that can be unleashed to inflict heavy damage.
  • The game features a robust combo system that allows for creative and strategic fighting.

Legendary Edition Specifics:

  • The biggest draw of the Legendary Edition is the inclusion of all nine DLC fighter packs. This expands the playable roster significantly, adding characters like Red Hood, Starfire, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Hellboy, and more.
  • These additional characters come with their own unique storylines and intros, fleshing out the overall narrative and offering more variety in combat.
  • The Legendary Edition also includes additional gear sets and cosmetic items for character customization, allowing you to personalize your favorite heroes and villains.

Overall, Injustice 2: Legendary Edition is a fantastic package for anyone looking to delve deep into the world of Injustice 2. With its expanded roster, additional content, and all the features of the base game, it provides a hefty amount of gameplay and replayability for fighting game fans and DC Comics aficionados.

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