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Krater: Shadows over Solside is a squad-based, real-time strategy role-playing game (RPG) for PC, developed by Fatshark Wikipedia: It takes you on a post-apocalyptic adventure to a ravaged Sweden, long after a nuclear war.

Here's a breakdown of Krater's key features:

  • Squad-based gameplay: You control a team of customizable characters, venturing out into the perilous world together. Each character can develop unique skills and abilities.
  • Real-time strategy (RTS) perspective: You have a top-down view of the world, issuing commands and strategically maneuvering your squad in combat and exploration.
  • Post-apocalyptic Sweden: The game world is a harsh and unforgiving landscape, filled with remnants of the old world and new dangers.
  • The Krater: A massive impact crater serves as the central location, with factions vying for control of its depths. The Underside, a vast network of caves and tunnels beneath the Krater, holds secrets and challenges.
  • Gold Rush Setting: You arrive at the Krater as a freelancer with your team, seeking fortune and opportunities in this high-risk, high-reward environment.

Krater offers a unique blend of RPG and RTS elements:

  • Character Development: Your characters level up, gain new skills and abilities, and can be equipped with various gear to enhance their performance. There's a persistent character system, so injuries or even death can have lasting consequences.
  • Crafting System: You can craft items, weapons, gear, and even customize your characters' abilities, allowing for deep strategic planning and adaptation.
  • Exploration and Quests: The world is full of handcrafted locations and procedurally generated dungeons to explore. You'll encounter various characters and factions, taking on quests that can advance the story or provide you with valuable rewards.
  • Cooperative Play: The game offers seamless single-player and co-op experiences. You can team up with friends online to tackle challenging missions and delve deeper into the Krater together.

Overall, Krater: Shadows over Solside provides a deep and strategic RPG experience in a harsh post-apocalyptic world. With its squad-based combat, crafting system, and blend of exploration and quests, it offers a unique gameplay experience for fans of RPGs and strategy games.

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