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Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior is a hack and slash game with a twist on time mechanics. You play as a warrior named Ami who is tasked with saving the New Kingdom of Antara from demonic creatures called the Raxes.

Here's what makes Lysfanga unique:

  • Time Shift Warrior: Ami possesses the power to rewind time in short bursts, creating clones of herself from those moments. These clones, called Remnants, fight alongside Ami.

  • Tactical Combat: You'll need to strategically use Ami's time manipulation and your arsenal of weapons and spells to overcome enemies.

  • Multiple Modes: The game offers a story mode with various arenas and challenges, and a separate "Figments of Battle" mode where you can revisit conquered arenas with new enemy layouts and challenges.

Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior was released in February 2024 for PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store. You can also find a free demo if you'd like to try it out before you buy it.

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