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Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered is an enhanced version of the 2018 hit game originally released for the PS4. Here's a breakdown of what it offers for the PS5:

Story and Gameplay:

  • You play as Peter Parker, balancing his life as a science student with his crime-fighting duties as Spider-Man.
  • The game features the complete story campaign from the original game, including all the DLC content.
  • The core gameplay remains the same – swinging through a detailed New York City, performing acrobatic attacks on enemies, and using your web abilities to solve puzzles and take down bad guys.

PS5 Enhancements:

  • The visuals have been improved with higher resolution, better lighting effects, and ray-traced reflections for a more immersive experience.
  • The game runs at a smoother frame rate, making the swinging and combat feel more fluid.
  • It takes advantage of the DualSense controller's haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which provide more nuanced feedback during gameplay, like feeling the tension in the webs as you swing.


If you enjoyed the original Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, the Remastered version offers a visual and technical upgrade to experience the game again on the latest Playstation console. It's also a great option for newcomers who want to play this acclaimed superhero title for the first time with all the bells and whistles the PS5 has to offer.

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