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Mato Anomalies is a turn-based RPG available for Xbox Series X|S that throws you into a unique blend of fantasy and futuristic vibes. Here's a rundown of what to expect:

Setting and Story:

  • Explore Mato, a fantastical, neo-futuristic city inspired by a bygone oriental world.
  • Take control of two protagonists, Doe and Gram, who investigate strange anomalies plaguing the city.
  • Battle nightmarish demonic creatures that threaten to destroy Mato.
  • Unravel a story that revolves around duty, hope, and the pursuit of justice.


  • Engage in strategic turn-based combat with a twist: your entire team shares a health pool, demanding a different approach to tactics.
  • Utilize the "gear matrix" system to equip characters with various gear combinations that influence their abilities.
  • Experiment with the "dual-talent" system, allowing you to customize your characters with diverse skillsets.
  • Team up with unlikely allies along your journey.

Mato Anomalies on Xbox Series X|S might be a good fit for you if you enjoy:

  • Turn-based RPGs with a focus on strategic combat.
  • Games with unique mechanics that challenge traditional RPG formulas.
  • Stories that blend fantasy and futuristic elements with a touch of mystery.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The game offers a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes bonus content like a soundtrack, concept artbook, and special in-game items.
  • Reviews suggest the game offers a challenging combat system that requires careful planning and resource management.
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