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Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is a software program designed for businesses to manage email, contacts, calendars, scheduling, and collaboration. It's essentially a private email server solution for your organization. Here's a breakdown of its key aspects:


  • Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks: Provides a central hub for users to send and receive emails, manage contacts, schedule meetings and appointments, and keep track of tasks.
  • Collaboration: Enables features like shared calendars, group scheduling, and document sharing within your organization.

Enterprise Edition Benefits:

  • Scalability: Designed for larger organizations, it can handle a much higher user volume compared to the Standard Edition (which is capped at 5 email databases). The Enterprise Edition allows for up to 100 email databases on a single server.
  • Enhanced Security and Performance: Offers improved search capabilities for emails and faster, more reliable failover mechanisms to ensure minimal downtime in case of server issues.

Important Considerations:

  • Licensing: Requires two separate licenses:
    • Server License: Needed for each server running Exchange software.
    • Client Access License (CAL): Required for each user or device accessing the Exchange server. There are Standard and Enterprise CAL options, with Enterprise CAL offering additional features like information archiving and legal hold.
  • Server Requirements: Runs on top of Windows Server, so you'll need separate licenses for that as well.
  • Technical Expertise: Setting up and maintaining an Exchange server requires technical expertise. Some companies choose to manage it themselves while others utilize a managed service provider.


  • Microsoft Exchange Online: Cloud-based version of Exchange offered as part of Microsoft 365 subscriptions. It offers similar functionalities without the need for on-premise server management.

Overall, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Enterprise is a powerful solution for organizations needing a feature-rich, on-premise email and collaboration platform to manage a large user base. However, it requires significant investment in licensing and technical expertise compared to cloud-based solutions like Exchange Online.

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