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Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus is a one-time purchase suite containing productivity applications for professional use. Here's a breakdown of what it offers:


  • Core Applications:
    • Word: Create, edit, and format professional documents.
    • Excel: Organize, analyze, and visualize data in spreadsheets.
    • PowerPoint: Design and deliver impactful presentations.
    • Outlook: Manage emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks.
  • Additional Applications:
    • Publisher: Create professional marketing materials and publications.
    • Access: Design and manage relational databases.
    • OneNote: Organize your notes, ideas, and information in a digital notebook.
    • (Depending on your purchase, it may also include Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams for communication and collaboration).


  • Full-featured applications: Offers the complete functionality of each program, unlike some subscription plans with limited features.
  • Perpetual license: One-time purchase allows you to use the applications on a single PC indefinitely, without ongoing subscription fees.
  • Offline functionality: Use the applications without an internet connection.

Things to Consider:

  • One-time purchase: Does not include upgrades to future versions of Office. You'll need to purchase a new license when a new major version is released.
  • No cloud storage: Doesn't include cloud storage like OneDrive that comes with Microsoft 365 subscriptions. You'll need to store your files locally on your PC or use a separate cloud storage service.
  • Cost: The upfront cost of purchasing Office 2021 Professional Plus can be higher than a Microsoft 365 subscription, depending on your needs and preferred payment option.

Overall, Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus is a good choice for users who:

  • Need the full functionality of the included applications for professional use.
  • Prefer a one-time purchase over a subscription model.
  • Don't require cloud storage or collaboration features offered by Microsoft 365.

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