Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise 40 Core CPU & Unlimited User CALs License Key GLOBAL

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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Enterprise edition offers a comprehensive set of features designed for mission-critical workloads, and the "40 Core" refers to the licensing model, not a specific feature. Here's a breakdown of key features:

General Features:

    • High Availability and Scalability:
        • AlwaysOn Availability Groups for continuous data availability and disaster recovery.
        • Columnstore indexes for massive data warehouses and analytical workloads.
        • Partitioning for large tables and improved query performance.
    • Security:
        • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for encrypting data at rest.
        • Row-level security (RLS) for restricting access to specific data rows.
        • Dynamic Data Masking to hide sensitive data in query results.
    • Performance:
        • In-memory Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) for faster transaction processing.
        • Adaptive query processing for optimized query execution.
        • Query Store for monitoring and tuning query performance.
    • Management:
        • Management Studio for graphical administration and development.
        • PowerShell cmdlets for scripting automation.
        • Integration Services (SSIS) for data ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows.

New features specific to SQL Server 2022 Enterprise:

    • Azure-enabled features:
        • Azure Synapse Link for seamless querying of data across SQL Server and Azure Synapse Analytics.
        • Integration with Microsoft Purview for centralized data governance.
        • Azure extension for managing SQL Server instances from Azure.
        • Pay-as-you-go billing for flexible and cost-effective deployment in Azure.

    • Performance enhancements:
        • Online columnar indexes for near real-time analytics on large datasets.
        • Temporal tables for managing historical data.
        • Query parallelization improvements for faster query execution.

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