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Here's a rundown of Mugen Souls for the Nintendo Switch:

Genre: JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) with elements of strategy and adventure.

Story: You take control of Chou-Chou, a moe-style anime girl who aims to conquer various worlds and turn everyone into her servants to achieve ultimate peace (in her own way).


  • Turn-based combat: Battles take place on free-roaming maps where you can position your characters strategically.
  • Monster recruitment: A key feature is defeating monsters and then enslaving them to fight for you. You can even turn bosses into your minions!
  • Customization: Deep character customization allows you to personalize your party members' appearances, job classes, and skills.
  • World Exploration: Explore seven unique and vibrant worlds, each with its own challenges and secrets to uncover.

Unique Features:

  • Moe aesthetic: The game embraces a strong "moe" aesthetic, popular in anime, featuring cute and adorable character designs.
  • Humor: Mugen Souls is known for its quirky humor and lighthearted tone.
  • NIS America port: While the original North American release had some content edited, the Switch version from Eastasiasoft is faithful to the original Japanese release.

Overall, Mugen Souls on Nintendo Switch offers a unique and engaging JRPG experience with monster recruitment, strategic combat, and a quirky story. If you enjoy humor, moe aesthetics, and deep customization in your RPGs, then Mugen Souls is definitely worth checking out.

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