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Outlast is a psychological horror video game available for PC on various platforms including Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store .

The game puts you in the shoes of Miles Upshur, an investigative journalist who breaks into a remote psychiatric hospital, Mount Massive Asylum, to uncover its dark secrets. However, things take a horrifying turn as you find yourself trapped and hunted by the deranged patients that roam the halls.

Here's what you can expect from Outlast on PC:

  • Story-Driven Survival Horror: Unravel the disturbing truths behind Mount Massive Asylum and the mysterious Murkoff Corporation through environmental storytelling and disturbing encounters.
  • First-Person Perspective: Experience the full horror of the asylum through Miles' eyes, with limited resources and no means to defend yourself.
  • Stealth Gameplay: Rely on your wits and hide in the shadows to avoid the asylum's deranged inhabitants.
  • Night Vision Camera: Your only tool for navigating the dark corridors is a night vision camera with limited battery life, adding to the tension.
  • Mature Content: The game features intense violence, disturbing imagery, and psychological horror, making it suitable for mature audiences only.

If you're looking for a truly terrifying horror experience, Outlast on PC is a must-play. Just make sure you have a strong stomach and keep the lights on!

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