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Pet Shop Simulator is a game where you get to run your very own pet shop! Just released on June 21st, 2024, the game puts you in charge of finding loving homes for adorable animals while making sure their needs are met.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Matching pets with perfect owners: You'll meet all sorts of customers, from families with kids to retirees looking for companionship. Each person will have their ideal pet in mind, and it's your job to play matchmaker and find the perfect furry (or feathery) friend.
  • Animal care: Taking care of the pets goes beyond just selling them. You'll need to provide them with the right food, habitat, and accessories to keep them happy and healthy. This includes things like choosing the right cage size, stocking up on nutritious food, and offering toys and treats to keep them entertained.
  • Shop management: There's a business side to running a pet shop too! You'll need to manage your stock, ensure you have the right equipment for the animals you sell, and keep your shop clean and inviting for customers.

There's even a free prologue available to try before you buy the full game! The prologue lets you get a taste of running a pet shop, but with a limited selection of animals and shop items.

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