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Phylakterion on Steam is a 1-4 player online cooperative horror game where you and your friends team up to investigate haunted locations and eradicate paranormal threats. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:


  • You'll explore different haunted environments searching for a possessed object.
  • Ghost hunting equipment like Geiger counters, cameras, and notebooks will be essential for locating the vessel, identifying the haunting entity, and ultimately destroying it.
  • The game emphasizes a psychological horror atmosphere, so expect to be kept on edge by the spooky setting and the unseen presence of the entity.
  • You can customize your characters with a talent system to suit your playstyle.

Additional Details:

  • Phylakterion offers cooperative gameplay for up to four players, making it a great choice for a fright-filled night with friends.
  • The game currently has a positive rating on Steam from user reviews.

Overall, Phylakterion on Steam seems like a promising option for those looking for a thrilling online co-op horror experience. If you enjoy investigating the paranormal and working together with friends to overcome spooky challenges, then this game might be worth checking out.

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