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Post Scriptum, now known as Squad 44, is a first-person shooter game for PC set in World War 2, specifically focusing on historical accuracy and large-scale battles. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:


  • Emphasis on Teamwork and Communication: Success heavily relies on coordinating with your squad and using communication to achieve objectives. Following orders and working together is crucial for victory.
  • Authentic World War 2 Setting: The game features historically accurate weapons, vehicles, and uniforms from the war. Battles take place on real-world locations from Operation Market Garden, a major Allied offensive in Holland.
  • Large-Scale Battles: Engage in massive battles with up to 80 players per side, recreating the chaotic and intense feeling of real wartime conflicts.
  • Steep Learning Curve: Mastering the game takes time and practice. It focuses on realism over arcade-style action, meaning bullet physics and weapon handling are more deliberate.

Key Features:

  • Over 80 realistic World War 2 weapons: Choose from a variety of rifles, machine guns, pistols, and other period-specific firearms.
  • Over 50 vehicles: Take control of tanks, armored vehicles, trucks, and half-tracks to support your team and dominate the battlefield.
  • 20 large-scale battlefields: Fight across sprawling maps based on real locations from World War 2.
  • Commander role: Coordinate your team's strategy from a top-down view, issuing orders and deploying resources.

Squad 44 vs Post Scriptum:

  • In July 2021, the game was rebranded from Post Scriptum to Squad 44 by Offworld Industries, though the core gameplay remains the same.

Overall, Squad 44 (formerly Post Scriptum) is a hardcore tactical shooter for PC that appeals to history buffs and players who enjoy teamwork and large-scale battles. If you're looking for a realistic and challenging World War 2 shooter experience, Squad 44 is worth checking out. However, be prepared for a steep learning curve and a heavy emphasis on communication and cooperation.

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