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Prison Architect: Island Bound is a DLC for Prison Architect
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Prison Architect: Island Bound is a downloadable expansion for the management sim game Prison Architect. It introduces a new twist on prison management by placing your prison on a remote island. Here's what you can expect:

Island Challenges:

  • Water logistics: Forget about traditional delivery trucks. Island Bound introduces ferries and helicopters for transporting supplies and prisoners. You'll need to strategically plan these deliveries and manage new access points they create, which could be vulnerabilities for smuggling.
  • Security on an island: While water might seem like a natural barrier, you'll still need to secure your prison perimeter. The expansion doesn't specify if prisoners can swim, so be sure to build proper fences and security measures.

New Management Options:

  • Remote location benefits: Running a prison on a secluded island can have some advantages. Less public scrutiny might allow for more freedom in implementing certain programs or dealing with unruly inmates.

Overall, Island Bound adds a new strategic layer to Prison Architect by introducing the challenges and opportunities of managing a prison on a remote island. You'll need to adapt your building and security strategies to this unique environment.

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