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Prison Architect is a game where you get to design, build, and manage your own prison. You're in charge of everything from the physical layout of the prison cells and facilities to keeping your inmates happy and secure. There's a focus on balancing rehabilitation with security to create a successful prison.

Here are some of the key features of Prison Architect:

  • Construction and Management: You'll build the prison from the ground up, placing cells, canteens, offices, security checkpoints, and more. You'll need to manage your resources to make sure your prison is functional and efficient.
  • Inmate Needs: Prisoners have basic needs like food, water, and sleep that you need to fulfill to keep them from getting restless. You can also offer them rehabilitation programs to help them improve their behavior.
  • Security: Of course, you need to make sure your prison is secure to prevent escapes. This means building walls, guard towers, and security checkpoints.
  • Challenge: The game gets more challenging as you progress. You'll need to deal with more dangerous inmates, riots, and other problems.

Prison Architect is a complex and rewarding game that lets you experience the challenges and opportunities of running a prison. If you're interested in construction and management sims, or if you're just curious about what it's like to run a prison, then Prison Architect is a great game to check out.

There's also a sequel, Prison Architect 2, which just came out in September 2024 and adds 3D graphics to the experience.

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