Ruinarch + Legend of Keepers - Overlord Bundle Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One [Digital Code] Argentina

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The Ruinarch + Legend of Keepers - Overlord Bundle features two unique game experiences that combine dungeon management and roguelike gameplay. Here are some of the key features of the bundle:


  • Create and control an army of powerful Ruinarchs: Choose from a variety of Ruinarchs, each with unique abilities and playstyles. You can command your Ruinarchs to manipulate the terrain, control the weather, and unleash devastating attacks against your enemies.

  • Build and expand your empire: Conquer territories, construct buildings, and recruit new Ruinarchs as you expand your empire. Use your resources wisely to build a powerful and unstoppable force.

  • Unleash cataclysmic spells: Master a variety of powerful spells that can decimate your foes. These spells can alter the landscape, summon mythical creatures, and even rewrite the fabric of reality itself.

  • Engage in strategic battles: Challenge your opponents in a variety of tactical battles. Use your Ruinarchs' abilities and the terrain to your advantage to defeat your enemies.

Legend of Keepers

  • Become a cunning Dungeon Manager: Protect your dungeon from a horde of adventurers who are determined to steal your treasure. Use your strategic skills to build traps, hire monsters, and craft powerful artifacts to defeat your foes.

  • Roguelike gameplay with persistent progression: Each run is unique and challenging, but you'll keep some of your progress between runs, allowing you to build a stronger and more efficient dungeon.

  • Humorous and engaging story: Explore a variety of procedurally generated dungeons and encounter a cast of quirky characters who will challenge your wit and test your dungeon management skills.

  • Variety of challenges and rewards: Complete side quests, defeat boss monsters, and collect unique artifacts to unlock new content and challenges.

The Ruinarch + Legend of Keepers - Overlord Bundle is a great value for fans of both dungeon management and roguelike games. With its unique blend of genres and challenging gameplay, it's sure to provide hours of entertainment.

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