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Smalland: Survive the Wilds is an open-world crafting survival game with a unique twist: you play as a tiny person in a giant world. Developed by Merge Games, it emphasizes exploration, resource gathering, and base building in a challenging environment. Here's a closer look:

Setting and Story:

  • After living underground for centuries, humanity (now shrunk) ventures back to the surface, known as the "Land of the Small."
  • You play as one of these smallfolk, tasked with surviving the wilderness and uncovering the secrets of the ancient giants.


  • Survival: Focuses on gathering resources, crafting tools and weapons, building shelters, and fending off wild creatures to stay alive.
  • Exploration: Traverse a vast open world with diverse biomes, each offering unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Crafting: Craft a variety of items from basic tools and weapons to elaborate armor sets and secure bases.
  • Taming: You can tame creatures like insects and small animals to use as mounts or companions.
  • Multiplayer: The game offers cooperative play, allowing you to team up with friends to survive the wilds together.

Key Features:

  • Scale: The world feels massive from your tiny perspective, with everyday objects transformed into formidable obstacles and dangerous creatures.
  • Base Building: Construct elaborate bases on the ground or nestled amongst the trees for protection and storage.
  • Armor Customization: Craft powerful armor sets that not only protect you but also grant special abilities.
  • Environmental Challenges: Survive harsh weather conditions and contend with the dangers of the natural world.

Overall, Smalland: Survive the Wilds offers a unique blend of exploration, crafting, and survival with a charming twist on scale. If you enjoy open-world survival games and want a fresh perspective, this title might be worth checking out.

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