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Surviving Mars is a sci-fi city builder video game where you take on the challenge of colonizing Mars. Here's a breakdown of the key features:


  • Your primary objective is to establish a successful and self-sustaining human colony on the Red Planet. This means managing resources, keeping your colonists alive, and expanding your Martian city.


  • City Building: Plan, construct, and upgrade various structures to support your colony, including domes for habitation, oxygen production facilities, power plants, and resource extraction units.
  • Resource Management: Carefully manage resources like water, oxygen, food, and energy to ensure the survival of your colonists.
  • Colonist Needs: Keep your colonists happy and healthy by providing them with food, water, a comfortable living environment, and even leisure activities like parks and casinos (yes, really!).
  • Research and Development: Unlock new technologies to improve your colony's efficiency and overcome the challenges of the Martian environment.
  • Mysteries and Anomalies: The game includes hidden Martian mysteries and anomalies that you can discover, potentially leading to great rewards or unforeseen dangers.


  • Survive the harsh Martian environment: You'll contend with cold temperatures, dust storms, and a lack of oxygen, all of which can threaten the well-being of your colonists.
  • Manage disasters: Be prepared for meteor strikes, solar flares, and other unforeseen events that can disrupt your colony's operations.
  • Make moral choices: The game presents ethical dilemmas that you'll need to navigate, such as how to handle resource shortages or disagreements among colonists.

Additional Notes:

  • You can choose from various space agencies at the beginning, each offering unique benefits and challenges.
  • The game is sandbox-style, allowing you to approach colonization at your own pace and with your preferred strategies.
  • There's a healthy dose of humor present, making the experience engaging and lighthearted despite the harsh Martian environment.

Surviving Mars offers a unique blend of city building, resource management, and survival mechanics, all set in the fascinating world of Mars.

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