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Teslagrad 2, released in 2023 for PC, is a sequel to the popular physics-based puzzle platformer Teslagrad. It builds upon the foundation of the first game, offering an improved experience with fresh challenges and a captivating world. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

Story and Setting:

  • You take control of Lumina, a young Teslamancer (someone who can control magnetism) who crash lands in Wyrmheim, a remote and harsh land in the North.
  • The narrative unfolds through environmental storytelling, with no text or dialogue. You piece together the story and Lumina's motivations by exploring the world.


  • Teslagrad 2 retains the core magnetism mechanic from the first game. You use your magnetic abilities to solve puzzles, navigate environments, and overcome obstacles.
  • New features include curved magnets, adding a fresh twist to the core mechanic and allowing for more complex puzzles.
  • The game emphasizes fluid movement. You can master skills like blinking, sliding, and magnetizing to propel yourself through the world with momentum.
  • Boss battles punctuate the exploration, testing your mastery of the game's mechanics and offering a rewarding challenge.

World and Atmosphere:

  • Teslagrad 2 boasts beautiful hand-painted 2D visuals that showcase the contrasting environments of Wyrmheim, from a towering abandoned tower to a wild and ravaged landscape.
  • The game features a rich and immersive world filled with secrets, lore, and collectibles to discover, encouraging exploration and rewarding attentive players.
  • The soundtrack blends orchestral pieces inspired by Nordic folk with electronic tracks, creating a unique and atmospheric soundscape.


Teslagrad 2 received generally positive reviews, praised for its creative puzzles, beautiful art style, and tight controls. Some critics noted the story's minimalism and occasional difficulty spikes, but overall, the game offers a satisfying and rewarding experience for fans of puzzle platformers.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The game has a Metroidvania style, meaning you unlock new abilities that allow you to access previously inaccessible areas.
  • Teslagrad 2 is available on PC via Steam. Minimum and recommended system requirements can be found on the Steam store page to ensure your computer can run the game smoothly.
  • If you enjoyed the first Teslagrad or other physics-based puzzle platformers, Teslagrad 2 is definitely worth checking out.
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