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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an action role-playing game (RPG) first released in 2011. It's part of a long-running series called The Elder Scrolls.

Here are some key features of Skyrim:

  • Open world exploration: Skyrim lets you explore a vast open world on foot, horseback, or even by dragon! You can discover cities, dungeons, and hidden locations as you travel.
  • Character customization: You can create and customize your character, choosing their race (like Nord, Elf, or Argonian) and how they look. You can also develop your character's skills and abilities as you play.
  • Combat: Skyrim uses a first-person perspective for combat. You can fight with weapons like swords and bows, or use magic spells.
  • Story: The main story of Skyrim revolves around a world-threatening event called the return of the dragons. You play as a Dragonborn, someone who can absorb the power of slain dragons. There are also many side quests you can complete.

Skyrim has been very popular and influential game, and it's been re-released several times with updated graphics and features. There's even a version available for the Nintendo Switch.

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