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Total War: PHARAOH is a strategy game released in October 2023 that puts you in the shoes of a powerful Pharaoh ruling ancient Egypt during its New Kingdom period. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:


  • It combines turn-based strategy with real-time tactics. During turns, you manage your civilization, build cities, develop your economy, research technologies, and manage diplomacy.
  • In real-time battles, you command your armies in large-scale warfare against rival factions or rebellions.

Focus on Egypt:

  • Unlike other Total War titles that span across multiple civilizations, Pharaoh focuses heavily on ancient Egypt. You can choose to play as one of several Egyptian dynasties, each with unique strengths and challenges.
  • The game emphasizes city management and monument construction, reflecting the importance these aspects held in Egyptian civilization.

Key Features:

  • City-building and Management: Construct and develop cities along the Nile River, ensuring the happiness and prosperity of your people. Manage resources, food production, and trade to keep your economy strong.
  • Monument Construction: Build iconic wonders of the ancient world like pyramids, obelisks, and temples, which provide benefits to your cities and boost your prestige.
  • Religion and Culture: Maintain a healthy balance between the different Egyptian gods and fulfill their needs to keep the divine order.
  • Military Campaigns: Expand your territory through military conquest, engage in defensive battles, and quell rebellions within your empire.

Overall, Total War: PHARAOH offers a deep and engaging strategy experience focused on managing and growing a powerful Egyptian empire. If you're interested in ancient Egypt and enjoy city-building and intricate management aspects in a strategy game, then Pharaoh is a great choice.

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