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Features of Train Sim World 4:

New routes:

  • Nahverkehr Dresden (Germany) - Drive iconic DB BR 423 electric multiple units (EMUs) and DB BR 146 diesel locomotives on the S-Bahn Dresden network, one of the busiest commuter rail systems in Germany.
    Train Sim World 4 Nahverkehr Dresden
  • Canadian National Oakville Subdivision (Canada) - Drive powerful CN GP9 diesel locomotives on the busy Oakville Subdivision, a key freight corridor between Toronto and Chicago.
    Train Sim World 4 Canadian National Oakville Subdivision

New locomotives:

  • DB BR 423 EMU (Germany)
    Train Sim World 4 DB BR 423 EMU
  • DB BR 146 diesel locomotive (Germany)
    Train Sim World 4 DB BR 146 diesel locomotive
  • CN GP9 diesel locomotive (Canada)
    Train Sim World 4 CN GP9 diesel locomotive

New features:

  • PC Editor Beta - Create your own custom scenarios and routes using the new PC Editor Beta.
    Train Sim World 4 PC Editor Beta
  • Creative Tools - Use the new Creative Tools to create and share your own liveries and scenarios.
  • Ease of Access features - New Ease of Access features make the game more accessible to players of all skill levels, including locomotive difficulty tiering, improved player assists, and a simpler HUD.
  • Improved graphics - Train Sim World 4 features improved graphics, including overhead line rendering, rain on windscreen effects, suspension improvements, and new haptics for controllers.

Other features:

  • Training Center - Learn the basics of train driving in the Training Center.
  • Scenarios - Drive a variety of scenarios, from short tutorials to challenging real-world situations.
  • Timetables - Take on the role of a train driver and operate real-world timetables.
  • Journey Mode - Create your own custom journeys and drive them at your own pace.
  • Photo Mode - Capture stunning screenshots of your trains and scenery.
  • Free Roam Mode - Explore the routes freely and practice your train driving skills.
  • Livery Designer 2.0 - Create and share your own custom liveries for your trains.
  • Scenario Planner 2.0 - Create and share your own custom scenarios using the Scenario Planner 2.0.

Train Sim World 4 is the most realistic and immersive train simulator experience yet, with new features, new routes, and new locomotives to enjoy.

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